Ask For More Than What You Deserve

Sometimes we try to help God by considering the amount of things we ask from Him. We feel that when asking Him for something, we shouldn't ask too much, maybe we think we might seem selfish or we have a higher chance of getting what we want when we ask for little. 

We forget that His supplies are limitless and He has not placed a limit to what we can ask of Him. If you can boldly declare how great and mighty He is, we should also have that understanding that He can also do great and mighty things for you. He said "He'll do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask of Him..."

So when asking God for something, don't go to Him with a cup, rather go with something bigger, go with a large heart heart ready to receive all that He can offer. We shouldn't have the "I don't deserve this" mentality, because if we think of it that way, we probably do not deserve the life we're currently living. But God kept you. Why? Because He doesn't see you …

Heavenly Heirship

In life, we all have negative things that happen to us. We go through situations that are unfair. I know people who were raised in an unhealthy environment. Their parents had issues, and now it’s making life much more difficult on them. But here is the truth: when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, He gives you a new  heart. In other words, your bloodline changes. No longer are you subject to your earthly heritage; you become subject to your heavenly heritage! His spiritual blessing always overrides the curse in the natural realm. When you understand who you are and what God has already done, then no matter what someone else did, no matter how unfair it was, no matter how you were raised, you won’t get bitter. You won’t live with a chip on your shoulder. You realize that nothing can stop you from fulfilling your God-given destiny! Today, remember you came from Almighty God. He gave you life. When you choose Him, you are choosing your heavenly heritage of blessing and eterna…

Just Do It, There Is A Reward

Sometimes God asks us to do things that don’t make sense. It doesn’t seem logical. It doesn’t fit into our budget. It doesn’t line up with our schedule. “God, You want me to go back to college? I’m 40 years old.” “God, You want me to give them a gift? I was saving those funds for my own dreams.” Or, “God, You want me to leave this secure position that I’ve had for years and start my own business?” Too often we over analyze it. We debate it; look at it only in the natural. We end up making excuses, talking ourselves out of it, “That couldn’t be God.” But if you’re going to reach your highest potential, you have to have bold obedience. That means you obey even when you don’t understand it. You just do it even when it doesn’t make sense. That’s what faith is all about. If you can understand everything and have the time, the money and it’s all lined up, then that doesn’t really take any faith. God will ask you to do things that seem far out, unusual, not practical. With every act of obedie…

Having the right perspective

Everyone faces problems, but how we view them determines whether we enjoy life or we endure it. It’s really not the size of the problem that’s important, it’s our perspective of that problem, it’s how big or how small we make it in our own mind. You can have a huge problem, but if you know that God is in control and that he is working behind the scenes, because you have the right perspective it won’t get you down. But you can have even a small problem, and if you stay focused on it, you go around worried, thinking it’s never going to work out- because you have the wrong perspective it will end up stealing your joy.
David said in Psalms “Magnify the lord with me”. When we magnify something, we are not changing the actual size of that object, we are changing our perspective of that object. David was saying in effect don’t magnify your problem, magnify your God. When you face difficulties, it’s good that you look back on your life and remember all the things that God has brought you thro…


We serve a great and mighty God! He is the Creator of the universe, the one who spoke the worlds into existence. He's called the Great I AM, and He's saying today, "I am everything you need. I am your strength. I am your wisdom. I am your protection. I am your provider. I am your way maker. I am your problem solver. I am your dream giver. I am your victory!
David put it this way in Psalm 138, "Though I am surrounded by troubles, You will bring me safely through. Your fist is clenched against my enemies. Your power will save me." Maybe you feel like David today. You're surrounded by all kinds of difficulties. You're tempted to just settle right where you are. You need to get your fire back! Instead of focusing on how big your problems are, focus on how big your God is! He is everything you need. He is the Great I AM, and He is the one leading and guiding you into victory in every area of your life!




I appreciate how much ease smartphones has brought into the world, in terms of sending and receiving text messages, share of memories between friends and families both far and near. But as many of us know, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage.

Recently, the way we use these smartphones and how we use them is becoming both harmful to both the society and ourselves. 
It doesn't just affect our lifestyles, it also affects our health. Most times kids, and adults too, fiddle with their phones during the day, and at night. I won't exclude myself cause am one of those kids, but it has done me more harm than good. And I wouldn't want anyone else to be infected. So I'm going to list how smartphones can affect us negatively if we use it without moderation.

Constant use of smartphones can sometimes affect the way we relate with the people around us. Today I saw two people. A man and a lady. The man was talking to the lady and she was busy with her…